About Duzax


It started with a dormitory basement, a rickety old laptop, and snow piled half-a-dozen feet high outside. Duzax Studios now spans five states; relying on the pooled talent and insight of collaborators from a wide range of social, geographic and vocational backgrounds. (The plural in "studios" isn't an exaggeration, although it does count a number of home offices and possibly a Starbucks.)

So, too, do we intend our stories to span across genres, across media, across time and space. However, we're extremely nervous about the prospect of putting that expansive vision in the hands of a major publisher -- or, as could conceivably be the case, several major publishers, working without coordination, and sometimes in competition with each other. Our stories are epic in scope, and we want them to be epic in tangible form, but not at the cost of the narrative.

At Duzax Studios, cross-media projects are pursued in parallel and under the same leadership. This allows us to pursue quality and continuity even across very broad media gulfs -- to take Immortal and Clash as our flagship examples, the gulf between a sci fi novel and a card game -- and to knowingly lean into each one's strength as a space for stories.

It also gives us the freedom to choose a more self-directed path of media expansion, rather than the traditional path of fiction property → major studio movie → game and toy merchandising. 

At Duzax Studios, we aspire towards polished innovation. The talented developers working on our games are looking to incorporate unprecedented design elements, aiming to provide exciting new systems for experienced gamers, and intuitive, accessible fun for anyone who wants to play. Our writing holds in mind uncommon perspectives and thoughtful speculation, and draws on a relationship to a game that is unusual, and has, we believe, never been done better. 

It takes time and effort to get things right even with traditional, established ingredients; attention to detail only becomes more important when taking less-traveled paths. But we hope both to create and inspire many such projects to follow, and we warmly invite you to join us for the ride.