CLASH is funded!

As of August 17, with 14 days to go, CLASH has reached its base goal. We can now say with confidence that we're going forward with the project, and we can push for stretch goals. Our next target is $6,000, at which we'll be rolling out the two closest-to-completion bonus characters along with the base game!

T.X. Watson
Our press package is up!

If you're a journalist looking to write about CLASH, or just want our quick, dense summary of what's going on, along with some photos, we've got just the page for you:


T.X. Watson
Happy Announcement Day!

Today (June 12) is a very special day at Duzax Studios: the first one! Sort of. We're getting started today in letting everybody know about our upcoming Kickstarter.

Watch this space for details. We'll be updating at least weekly with photos, art, and information. 

T.X. Watson