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Arcade-style card game CLASH on Kickstarter now

Indie game studio Duzax Studios are seeking funding on Kickstarter for the studio’s debut title, CLASH, a fast-paced two-player card game styled after arcade fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

"CLASH provides a nuanced competitive experience without the high barrier to entry that's common in major market trading card games," said studio founder and lead designer Freya Crowe.

The campaign launched on Aug. 2 with an initial goal of $5,000, which as of day 14, Aug. 15, is 91 percent funded.

"It looks like we're going to be able to push for our stretch goals," said developer and publicity coordinator Aidan, Alice West. "There's a lot we want to bring to this game beyond the base set, from additional content to better quality in the physical cards." The Kickstarter page currently displays stretch goals up to $10,000, but according to West "We've planned and worked out costs for goals all the way to $1 million, just in case it massively takes off."

Backers can get the actual game for anywhere from $5 for a printable PDF of all the cards to $500 for a set of cards printed on metal. The version of the game that will be sold on shelves is $23, or $17 for backers who select the early bird pledge level before it runs out.

CLASH has been playtested across the country over the past two years, and the development team, who coordinate primarily online, reside in five different states: Louisiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Florida.

CLASH can be found online at

About the game:

Number of players: 2
Time required: 15 min
Recommended age: 15+

STORY: The Baun Empire have expanded across the galaxy, their fixation on eugenic control has irreparably damaged countless lives. Rebel sects spread out across Earth and neighboring planetary systems fight the Empire, in hopes of one day regaining their freedom. In CLASH you take on the role of warriors, fighting for their various causes. Whether you come into battle with great innate strength or little to none, it is not your tools that dictate your victory, but how you choose to wield them.

PLAY: Players take turns simultaneously with various cards that dictate characters' actions. Because of this simultaneous round structure, gameplay goes by very quickly as you try to reduce your opponent's stamina to 0. This lends to a fast paced combo style of gameplay that is in some ways more reminiscent of digital fighting games than conventional trading card games.

Press Contact:

Aidan, Alice West

The team:

Lead Designer: Freya Crowe
Illustrator: John Shamburger
Publicist: Aidan, Alice West
Filmographer: Aloe Henderson
Consultant: Cathy Carnes
Graphic Artist: T.X. Watson

Duzax Studios website:  

Press copies featuring the full base game are available on request.