Lead Designer


Freya Crowe

Mechanics, theory, art, storytelling, programming/manufacturing… if it has anything to do with game design, Freya Crowe has at least dabbled in it. She’s lent her expertise to both digital and traditional projects (Aerannis, Chill: Third Edition, and Too Many Student Games to Count), while accruing the experience necessary to head a team of her own. Before switching her focus to game design halfway through college, Freya won several awards for creative writing (first place in one state-wide contest, and finalist in two national contests). She still writes novels in her spare time. Her next book, which has been meticulously researched for scientific accuracy, is about giant robots that fight dragons in outer space.


JS Headshot.jpeg

John Shamburger

Drawing since the age of four, John Shamburger has spent most of his life bringing his imagination to the page. His career spans 30 years of creating art in a wide variety of disciplines from cartoons to furniture decorating, all while pursuing his love for telling stories through his art.  In 2001, he earned an MFA from UNG in Theatre design and has spent the last 17 years dividing his time between Illustration and the Theatre Arts. When not painting sets or illustrating game cards, John spends his days painting his own worlds and hanging on the beach.


Aidan, Alice West

Aidan, Alice West is a undergraduate student at Hampshire College studying the intersections of education and game design. She has acted as designer and producer on several projects including 2 unpublished VR games (The Hollows, Worker VR), and titles under Hampshire's GlowLime Games including: A mobile game called Lucid, A turn based strategy game called Progress or Die for a 2 week intensive design program, and a 2D sidescrolling title called Letters to Reid. She has also developed several tabletop games including the ADHD RPG, Capital, and StoryMode. Aidan, Alice is currently working on a larger project that seeks to gamify the new student experience at Hampshire college and was approached by Duzax to work on publicizing Clash in May 2017. 


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Cathy Carnes

Cathy studies trophic cascades, appreciates fine art, and secretly enjoys melodramatic fights with foam swords on the weekend. She's a scientist in the making, four years into her degree. As a side job, she consults for Duzax Studios: helping them get the science exactly right in their projects. She's currently assessing the biological viability of cybernetic dragons that live in outer space. She's skeptical.

graphic artist

T.X. Watson

T.X. Watson is an artist and writer currently studying at Hampshire College. Watson has designed several websites, print publications, and other printed media. Freya hired Watson in 2015 to do the card design for Clash, on a speculative contract pending publication. Watson accepted because xe is excited about the game and about Freya's work enough to wager dozens of hours across several revisions, and additional jobs such as the design for this website, on the game's publication and sales.

Watson's work can be found at txwatson.com, and xe can be found on most social medias as txwatson.